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My buddy Randy and I go way back. We spent high school making lip synch music videos to Christian rock bands, recording improv psychedelic beatboxing, and interviewing a porterhouse steak that wore John Lennon sunglasses. With that in mind, it's no surprise that Randy and I enjoy a unique perspective.

Randy went on to become an accomplished video producer, but he also has an abiding passion for photography. His photos consistently wow me with the ability to find new perspectives in ordinary places. One of the things Randy excels at is transforming ordinary things into extraordinary images by shooting low to the ground, as exemplified by the gorgeous daffodil above.

Actually I take that back. The daffodil photo is gorgeous, but the image that I think exemplifies the power of shooting from a low angle is this photo:

I can’t stop smiling whenever I look at this photo. It’s obviously a special moment, especially the part about Lily smearing cake all over her face and in her eye, but Randy photographed this in a way that I bet you’ve never seen before. I call it the “cake cam.” The most interesting thing about Randy’s uncanny ability to find the gems hidden in low angles is that he’s 6 foot 8 inches tall!

I love shooting low angle portraits. I think it's often more flattering than shooting eye level or higher. I often come home sore from a wedding shoot because I’ve been in a squatting position for a good chunk of the day, but if someone as tall as Randy can get down low for a great shot, there’s no reason why we can’t give it a try.

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Anonymous said...

What a "classy" site! I liked combining the look and dignity of a professional journal with the feel of a warm chat with a good friend. Your photography is downright inspiring!

Offering shooting suggestions has the comfortable feel of conversation between friends who share this common interest. Highlighting your work by your friend, Randy, at the outset, of course, arrested my attention with that great daffodil shot and his creative discovery of the merits of shooting “low.”

Frank, I have had some opportunity to see you grow from your early days in high school. Combining your natural ability and creativity with lots of hard work is resulting in genuinely sensitive and stunning photographic images! I am proud of you--especially given some of the baggage you experienced early on.

Your love for photography is infectious! I hope you continue to “go for it!” It’s my hope as you enjoy photography, you, at the same time will cherish all the more, the One who created it all! The Giver of Light! The Designer of the greatest cameras ever--our eyes! And the Provider of the most fascinating photogenic scenery in the universe! Frank, you do have a great Father…One whose love for you is Indescribable and Eternal! May you increasingly be able to experience that truth—to rest in it—and to reveal Him in your work!

Thanks for the blog…educational, inspiring and enjoyable! Loved it!

Jim Warren