"But I thought she was a ____?"

Amy Aiello is different things to different people. When I work with her, she's a videographer. When I'm out shooting for fun, she's a fellow photographer. But there's an Amy I don't even know, even though it's probably the most important part of her - she's a pianist, and as the video above shows, a very talented one.

I've never heard Amy perform before. I just watched this video a minute ago for the first time, and I was reminded of the people I know who think that a person is only capable of having one talent (if that). Sometimes when I tell people about the success I've enjoyed as an internet marketer (for example, generating $15k+ for a spa business with a $0 ad budget), a couple of people have responded by saying "But I thought you were a photographer?" I often get the same response when I tell people that my wife is a web designer, a soapmaker, a photographer, a graphic designer, an amazing cook, and much more. "But I thought she was a ____?"

Maybe it's a result of the distraction-filled society we currently live in, or the fact that most Americans define themselves by their occupation, but there's a lot of people who think that 1 talent is enough. Amy clearly disagrees with that idea, and her life is so much richer as a result. To see some photographic examples of her rich talent, click the lovely abstract below.

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