Turn your child into a superhero in 3 minutes

My fiance Tere and I are big sci-fi geeks. Tere's son Bobby is a sci-fi geek too. A recent example of Bobby's geekness is when he beat our 3-way tie in Star Wars Trivia Pursuit by knowing the name of the weapon that the rebels used to fire on the Empire at Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back (ion cannon). Like I said, we're sci-fi geeks.

For awhile, Bobby has been collecting Yu-Gi-Oh! trading cards. These strange Japanese cards combine a child's love for superheroes and baseball statistics by featuring bizarre creatures with varying strengths and weaknesses that are measured from 1-10. So when I found a fantastic site that has over a dozen different things you can do with your digital photos, I jumped at the chance to turn Bobby into a superhero. Just go to the trading card maker application, upload your photo and what text you want. Here's the one I made today:

This is another awesome tool for seeing your photos with fresh eyes. After trying out the trading card maker, don't be surprised if you and your child start strategizing photo shoots to create specific heroes and villains. As soon as Bobby saw his card, he started brainstorming what powers his mom and I will have when we make our own card. It's a fun way to engage your child's imagination while introducing them to the joy of photography.

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