It's a great time to be a photographer!

More people own cameras than ever before. Thanks to digital photography, people are not only taking more photos than ever before, I believe digital cameras are helping to improve the quality of photos we're taking. I'm really excited for the opportunity to share with people who love being a picture taker or a picture takee. My hope is to offer something of interest for photographers and also for people who like to be photographed, whether you're a bride-to-be, a model, or someone with a story that you want to tell with pictures. With this in mind, I encourage photo submissions as well as written comments to this blog.

There's no end to photo opportunies. I should know, I stay very busy as a wedding photographer despite the fact that many wedding guests are snapping away right next to me! It's pretty hilarious when I'm competing with guests to get photos of the bride, but we're in a golden age of photography where nearly everyone has a camera and the opportunity to create something truly timeless. I gladly welcome this golden age.

As you can see from the long list of links to the right of this page, I do a lot more than wedding photography so please don't shy away if you're a nature photographer or want to learn how to shoot exciting photos of your children. Everyone is welcome. I'll post photos to this blog, but I have over 800 photos across several websites, so I want to leave SOME room for words here! If you'd like to comment on a photo of yours, let me know and I'll post it here as well. Thanks for visiting!

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Tris7y said...

Hey there! I won't give up on flotation tanks!
About your blog: I studied photography found out that obtaining a stable career is almost impossible. I ended up working as a photo retoucher, archiving, and assisting production designers. Keep thinking I need to change careers...